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I was thrilled to get the opportunity to direct a music video for the French electro artist Rone on his latest album Room With a View which has the ecology topic at its core.


This music video adopts a subjective point of view and takes us to a journey through time, from the birth of the Earth and Humanity to a futuristic society on the verge of collapse. The video lets us relive the mutations of a world in perpetual evolution, sometimes rich and flourishing, sometimes concrete and arid but always animated by the march of man and his rituals.

Esperanza (hope) is to see a new enlightened humanity be reborn from its past mistakes. 


From the technical aspect, the idea here was to have a camera constantly in movement. Therefore we needed an hybrid technics between 3D and 2D  to keep a 2D look, which mixes 3D layout and animation with traditional 2D animation. 




  • Esperanza 

  • Music by Rone

  • Written and directed by : Virginie Kypriotis


Produced by Mathematic, Code & InFiné with the support of the CNC - National Film and Moving Image Centre and the support of the SCPP - Civil Society of Phonographic Producers


Executive Producer : Rebecca Rice 

Post-Producer : Nadège Moreau 


Art Direction and design: Virginie Kypriotis

Lead 3D Design: Almir Nago

Storyboard : Virginie Kypriotis 

VFX Supervisor : Almir Nago

2D Animation Supervisor : Laurent Box 


Animator 2D : Boris Belghiti, Laurent Box, Ruben Sellem

Animator 2D assistants: Miriam Jacquiot, Merve Noksan

Graphist 2D : FX Pourre et Almir Nago


Special thanks to : Guillaume Marien and Mathematic Studio

_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-00-15
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-00-28
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-00-51
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-00-55
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-01-01
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-01-11
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-01-21
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-01-38
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-02-08
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-02-19
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-02-22
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-02-32
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-02-34
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-03-01
_RONE_ESPERANZA_FINAL_1920x1080 (0-03-44
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