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I worked with the team at Mathematic Canada and we design and produce this video in record time.

Commissioned by the Quebec health advisory board Capsana and conceived by agency lg2, the project is aimed at bringing awareness to parents about the overuse of screens in their children’s playtime.

With lockdowns meaning that children are more and more cooped up indoors, there is an added emergency to make sure parents are attentive to this problem and asking parents to Pause and think of different ways to spend time with your children.

Client: Capsana, Cogeco


Supervisor: Skull Art

Director/Designer: Virginie Kypriotis

Agency: lg2

Production: Mathematic Studio Canada

EP: Rebecca Rice, Alex Pagot

Line Producer: Matthieu Taggat

Supervisor: Frederick Venet

Animators: Anna Bolshakova, Krishna Kothari, Caroline Laa, Kathryn Christine D’Souza

#advertising #animation #brandfilm #characteranimation

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