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TV Commercial 

Discord, instant messaging software reveals its first campaign in France and its brand new signature “GO DISCORD”, imagined by its consulting agency Carburant.

The animation studio Un Oeil sur Tout asked me to team up with them to write and direct its 1st TV commercial.


The film follows the adventures of a frog, an iconic character of the brand.

Deliberately colourful and fun to align with Gen Z and Alpha, the main targets of the platform, the fully 2D animated film displays the main features of the application with a hint of comedy and playfulness. An immersive dive into the world of Discord as an invitation to share, discuss and chill with your community.

Client: Discord


Director: Virginie Kypriotis

Agency: Carburant


Production: Un Oeil sur Tout

EP: Nicolas Cornet
Line Producer: Thomas Cornet 

Animatic: Simon Anding, Azélie Michoux

Design: Virginie Kypriotis, Chloé Cordeau, Azélie Michoux, Tess Pelletier
Animators: Simon Anding, Sixtine Dano, Mylène Cominotti, Émilie Almaida

Fx 2D: Thomas Ramon

Compositing/Animation After Effects: Valentin Hue


Music/Sound design: Astral

#advertising #animation #brandfilm #characteranimation #directing

Keyframes & Character designs.

Discord Style frame
12_Vortex_Outro 2
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