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Illustration / Mini clip 

The artists Scuba & DOMiNii asked me to illustrate their new album Diivorce and to create a young boy character as an avatar, experiencing passage from childhood to adulthood.

Initially conceived as a series of short loop animations, I still wanted to have a storyline and it ended up as a mini clip/trailer.

The idea was to tell the story of a bunch of kids growing up by themselves in a mysterious abandoned resort in space.
The kids experience end of innocence and passage to adulthood and start facing the same issues as their ancestors. They have used most of their ressources up and they start to get violent.

An endless loop of human self destruction. 


Music Label: Hotflush uk

Directing & Design: Virginie Kypriotis

Animation: Iris Bonavitacola 
Compositing: Elsa Baudel
Additional BG: Anne Raffin


#music #animation #musicvideo #characteranimation #directing #illustration

Early Character designs and turn-around of the main character DOMiNii.

Vinyls Covers and keyframes of the clip.

Dominii Character design
Scuba Cover
Scuba Cover 2
Scuba cover3
Scuba Keyframe
Scuba Keyframe
Scuba Keyframe
Scuba Keyframe
Scuba Vinyl
Scuba Vinyl
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